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Founders' Mission

This project about returning control of the internet, or at least a person’s digital identity, back into the hands of it’s owner, the user.

We have a love-hate relationship with big tech and the Faustian bargain they’ve made to enhance society; their technological infrastructure is critical to a a $2T a year data economy at the expense of all its users.

To that end we are leveraging the cryptographic technologies of web3 and blockchain to preserve the benefits of our data driven economy, without on infringing on a user’s right to privacy, or at least letting them get paid for the massive amounts of money their data drives.

Connor Borrego, CPO

Casimir Stone, CCO

Design yourself.

UniPro is the first stop on the way to the future. Not only are we working to gamify creative growth, we are gamifying online identity, and thus IRL. While Zucc gets down and dirty with his AR avatar, we’re working with real life metadata to build a decentralized media & economic system, insuring equitable access to tangible and digital assets; transparency and anonymity; freedom and accountability for all.

Imagine if in-game currency paid for real life. If managing your business were as user-friendly as an RPG inventory. If making money were as easy as being yourself. UniPro puts the meatspace metaverse on easy mode. We may be living in a simulation, may as well live like it.

Create community.

  • Connect to a decentralized network of apps and headless brands in our IRL metaverse.
  • Compile insights from all platforms into a single dashboard.
  • Distribute information to the channels of your choosing.
  • Contribute to data pools to earn money, credibility and help those following a similar path, or don’t (speaking to you anon).
  • ┬áReclaim and monetize your data without losing your privacy.

One Profile.

One Click.

One You.

Be your own


UniPro is your online presence in one place. We are a composable, standard socket for user’s valuable data and a one-stop shop for content creators’ management needs. We offer bespoke web design services, white glove data analytics, comprehensive digital marketing assistance, and web3 integrations for designers, musicians, writers, and all who wish to be their own business.

Master the Meatspace Metaverse.

Be your own business today.


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