The conversation around creativity is shaped by snobs. Art is subjective, not objective. So the opinions of those with loudest voices and the most reach – snobs – drive the streams, the sales, and the conversation. 

Snob is our term for the tastemakers and true fans you need to reach to turn views on TikTok and YouTube into authentic and consistent engagement. It is necessary to attract the attention of snobs if you want to become the topic of the conversation yourself.

But how do you get the snobs to show up for you? The landscape has changed. Old tricks won’t cut it and only major labels and artists have access to the new ones. Luckily for you, we do, too.


Our all-in-one Snob package includes all the shit you usually have to sell your soul to major labels to get.

  • Bespoke web design & management.
  • Digital marketing campaign setup & management.
  • 1st party data collection.
  • Synthetic & algorithmic analysis.
  • Adaptive strategic recommendations.
  • Visual & merch design/production.
  • Web3 integration.

You keep your creative control, data, money, and soul, too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Crucially, our offerings are designed to be integrated, with insights shared across all your artists to grow an entire label exponentially. 


We work emphatically with rising stars and legacy labels to future proof their output, providing access to the tools, clout, and cutting-edge strategies monopolized by major labels. 

Join the ranks of emerging artists including SleazyWorld Go and Icewear Vezzo, as well as labels such as Island and Motown Records, already benefiting from our singular services. 

We are seeking clients with considerable talent, ambition, and vision, but currently lacking the knowledge or resources to compete for their rightful place in the cultural conversation. If that is you, this is for you. Because you, especially, need to…

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