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Founder Statement

We see this project as a way to return control of the internet, or at least personal identity, back into the hands of it’s primary customer, the user.

Connor Borrego, CPO

Casimir Stone, CCO

Meet the Founders

Chief Product Officer

Connor R. Borrego

Connor is an enigmatic polymath, and wants you to Google the words he uses to expand your vocabulary. In addition to pioneering novel digital marketing tactics, he is the ultimate product design engineer, listening intently to the cultural zeitgeist for inspiration.

Chief Creative Officer

Casimir M. Stone

Cas is an award winning podcast producer and aspiring novelist, who's been wheeling and deeling in collectibles, and building brands, since his days on the playground as a young pokemon card trader.


Like you, we have a love-hate relationship with big tech. But we are using their tools to build the future; small business powered by decentralized big data.

For creatives, this means finding organic ways to monetize your audience without demeaning self or work; something we specialize in.

To that end we have developed the concept of a headless, community-owned, web property, where businesses with similar business models, can pool their data and reap the financial benefits of a collaborative approach to systems intelligence.

Meet the Team

Patron, Artist-In-Residence

Madison J. Spence

Madison is a formidable product manager within the field of electrophysiology. Classically trained as a biosystems engineer, Madison lends her artistic talents, and personal bags, to fueling the financial growth of this company.

Chief Executive Officer

KeVaughn E. Jackson

KeVaughn is a creative financial strategist, with a eye towards risk mitigation , which is the source of his true alpha. His background in forecasting the engery markets will be an invaluable asset in a bitcoin centered future.

Chief Information Officer

Matthew W. Pierce

Matt is a self-taught, full-stack, developer with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. His ruthless efficiency is a key asset in reducing redundancies in our data storage models and extracting the most value from intelligence systems.

NFT Expert, Data Engineer

Amnah Omran

Amnah is a classically trained Chemical Engineer who's systems approach to problem solving has made her a dangerous degen in the emerging web3 space and burgeoning data engineer building out our web2 to web3 data pipelines.

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