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Produce Matrix promises to revolutionize the way you access fresh, nutritious produce for fair prices.

Our larger mission is to ensure that this healthy way of consuming is accessible to people at all levels of this game of life.

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Big Food, is Broken


... and the Farmers' Market is only open on the weekend.

The current food system is failing us. Traditional farmers’ markets, with their limited operating hours, are inaccessible to many, while grocery stores offer fresh produce at a steep price, often with ambiguous labeling on chemical usage that health-conscious consumers are striving to avoid. This situation is exacerbated by inflation, widening the affordability gap and making it challenging for individuals to access healthy, fresh produce regardless of where they live.

GrubHub for Local Produce


Helping You Access Farm Fresh Foods on the Daily

Produce Matrix revolutionizes the way you access fresh, locally-sourced produce by leveraging the power of Web3 technology. Our innovative platform connects local farmers and farmers’ market enthusiasts through a user-friendly app, facilitating the delivery of high-quality, affordably priced goods right to your doorstep. Experience the convenience of on-demand access to the freshest produce, supporting local agriculture and community health.

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